The BioDynamics Foundation is implementing a grass roots educational movement to better our community because we believe it is of critical importance to teach young people about energy conservation, nutrition, and responsible agriculture.

BioDynamics Foundation greenhouse facilities not only have unprecedented growing potential, but also serve as educational laboratories appealing to students of all age groups. University students can use BioDynamics Foundation’s year-round, environmentally controlled greenhouses to develop advanced nutrient solutions, drought resistant crops to reduce food insecurity worldwide, or research sustainable fuel alternatives. High School and Middle School students will not only enrich their learning experience by integrating hands-on learning in such subjects as biology, but will also be able to learn about the benefits of growing food locally both in terms of environmental preservation and the associated nutritional benefits. As students take part in growing produce, harvesting, distributing, and managing finances, they are not only learning a trade, but are also taught basic business principles to broaden the learning potential.

The BioDynamics Foundation also offers a K-12 hydroponic agricultural curriculum, which meets national science standards to further educational benefits.

Additional educational opportunities to further establish the sustainable agriculture movement in Northeast Ohio and draw individuals to the Northeast Ohio area may include:

  • Green Energy Ohio photovoltaic and thermal solar installation certification through Summit College.
  • Local universities and colleges may extend their programs to include a BA in hydroponic agriculture similar to the University of Arizona.
  • Incorporate hydroponic agriculture polymer into current BA polymer engineering programs to advance the technology of hydroponic agriculture.