Environmental Stewardship

The implication of  BioDynamics Foundation’s sustainable greenhouse technology has the potential to revitalize communities and could be the key to reducing hunger and malnutrition locally and abroad, but there are many ecological benefits to consider as well.

  • 100% pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.
  • 6 to 20 times the yield as that of traditional farming depending on crop selection
  • Hydroponic irrigation consumes five to ten times less water than field agriculture.
  • Recirculating systems reduce fertilizer runoff to nearly eliminate contamination to ground and surface waters.
  • Urban greenhouses minimize the use of fossil fuels associated with transporting goods.
  • The greenhouse rainwater reclamation systems capture rainfall, which reduces storm overflow making it ideal for roof top installations.
  • Integrated pest management eliminates chemical pesticides.
  • Radiant heating and cooling system substantially reduces fossil fuel use.
  • Four-season facilities that produce food 365 days a year in any climate.
  • Solar/wind hybrid renewable energy systems power high density vertical hydroponic equipment.
  • Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and lighting are perfectly controlled with digital devices maximizing efficiency.

BioDynamics Foundation is proud to produce large amounts of high quality fruits and vegetables with significantly less resource consumption or environmental impact.