Food Insecurity Solution

Sustainable Urban farming is a growing trend that allows urban communities to benefit nutritionally from having access to locally grown fresh produce. Become more self-sufficient and less dependent upon low-quality- potentially contaminated produce. All while addressing systemic food shortages nationwide by placing sustainable production greenhouses in areas of need.

According to Second Harvest, a leading hunger-relief organization, 9% of US food recipient households report that children miss meals because they lack food or the means to obtain food every month. The USDA reports that one in ten households in the US, thirty-one million people – including 12 million children-, live in households that experience hunger or are at risk of hunger each day. There is a need for a sustainable alternative, and BioDynamics Foundation greenhouses offer a viable solution to this growing problem.

The BioDynamics Foundation is working with local organizations and government agencies to reduce hunger in the US by building greenhouses in areas that need them most. This initiative will empower individuals and communities to move from a cycle of poverty and dependency to a sustainable model of self-sufficiency and even surplus.